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Beware Song Contests With No National Sponsors!
Hello Fellow Music Lovers!

I read about the Doniryeed Records 2003 Indie Music Talent Search SONG CONTEST in one of my music newsletters. I sent in my submission and $10 fee, was told I was a finalist and listed on their website... along with 80 other musicians. Then, when I heard nothing more 2 months later, I emailed the address below and posted on their Yahoo group. NO response. I emailed again today only to find that their email in now INVALID and their website has been CLOSED.

I AM filing fraud charges, so please contact me if you were defrauded as well. This way, I can submit all our names and contact info together, or you can submit your own. Their IS strength in numbers and I'd love to see these guys prosecuted! Please be cautious about entering new song contests in their first year. Research them thoroughly, especially if they are not affiliated with any national sponsors!

Julian "Power Pop with a Punch! True Stories that ROCK!"
Subj: Doniryeed Records 2003 Indie Music Talent Search Notification
Date: 2/17/2004 3:12:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


You have been selected as a finalist in the 2003 Doniryeed
Records Indie Music Talent Search. Stay tuned - we will contact you
again when the voting schedules are finalized. In the mean time, get
the word out and get your fans prepared to vote for you! Also, please
take a moment to join our Yahoo Group. The address is Thanks again and congrats on
making it this far into the contest!!


Jay Fridrich
Doniryeed Records

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